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About us

ABOUT US - Our name

It’s actually quite simple: Our name is from a play on the Danish word “brilleabe” - when translated into English it becomes "monkeyglasses". We also felt that the concept traveling in "monkey class" fits our vision of having an affordable product.

THE MOVEMENT - Environmental thinking

Fortunately we are beginning to see a new positive trend. More and more of us are beginning to understand the importance of being sustainable, the need for fair trade and its advantages. Green energy, the environment and human rights are subjects that are increasingly talked about in the media, raising awareness and the demand for sustainable products.

THE SOLUTION - Look good while doing good!

We have developed a unique product that shows consideration for both the environment and the people involved in creating the product. We believe that it is important to look good and see well simultaneously, and now we have a product that combines both for the conscious consumer. Taking responsibility for your choices has never looked better.