Eyewear in sustainable materials since 2009

Flagship store

All Monkeyglasses are designed in our headquarters in Copenhagen, where you also find our Flagship store and mini Flagship store

Small adult - mini Monkeyglasses’ are popular adult glasses – also availible as sunglasses.

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Eyewear hard case

Recycled paper

Your new Monkeyglasses come with our specially designed hardcase, made from recycled paper and can be folded flat, it takes up minimal space when not in use.

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Sustainable DNA since 2009

Copenhagen Fashion eyewear brand

We have a strong focus on responsible sustainable design and production. Our collections are created with durability, timeless and aesthetics in focus.




Great overall experience! The eye test was quick, the staff was very friendly and answered all the questions about eyesight and vision. The selection of frames is wide and everyone will find the perfect style for them. I really recommend Monkey glasses. The whole process from eye test to final try of glasses was great. /Gaive Glodenyte

Cool design glasses at a very

Cool design glasses at a very reasonably price ! New showroom in Copenhagen is very nice located only minutes from city center and immediately you will find yourself with an upgraded look. I am a fan of the very high end design approach and very high knowledge in the shop in general. Always a pleasure to visit them. /Eric Just

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Danish eyewear brand

Sustainable DNA since 2009

We take the whole lifecycle of a pair of frames into account, when we start sketching and planning our collections. With our Closed Loop, we make sure to prolong the life of our frames, and take good care of our planet, and all the people involved in the process of making a pair of Monkeyglasses at the same time.

Furthermore, all our Monkeyglasses suppliers comply with the guidelines of UN’s Global Compact on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Zero Waste

Recycled materials

As always, we have our Zero Waste program. It ensures that we make the most of our materials, as we turn the leftovers from our production into accessories, or new materials. Even our spectacle cases and polish cloths are made from recycled paper and old plastic bottles.

Monkeyglasses Danish Fashionable eyewear for the conscious consumer.

Built on a concept that combines respect for the people involved in making the glasses, as well as taking care of the environment and our planet.
In 2016 Monkeyglasses was recognized with the silver A’ Design Award in the category A’ Sustainable products, projects and Green Design, one of the world’s largest and most influential design awards, presented each year in Italy.

Monkeyglasses makes it easy to be a part of the solution, rather than the problem, when it comes to creating a better future for our planet and generations to come.