Our history

In 2009, Mai-britt and Morten Seaton merged their skills to start the eyewear company Monkeyglasses, which is now located on Fælledvej in Copenhagen.


Our story

Design, passion and love from Copenhagen to you 

In old Danish culture, ‘glasses monkey’ was a derogatory term for those who wore glasses. Now, eyewear has its own universe within the fashion and is in high demand for both usability and aesthetics.

Before starting Monkeyglasses in 2009, Mai-britt and Morten Seaton realized that consumers were missing a sustainable choice within the industry. Applying Mai-britt’s knowledge of design and Morten’s experience in the eyewear business, they were able to create the first international eyewear brand with a sustainable focus.

They were the two first movers in thinking sustainably in the eyewear industry, where they have worked hard to be able to make glasses from sustainable materials and packaging without plastic.

10 years later, Monkeyglasses can be found in thousands of stores worldwide. As new sustainable materials and strategies come to light, we will continue to innovate and fight for a healthier planet.