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MonkeyGlasses Closedloop

 MonkeyGlasses Design

 The building blocks for the monkeyglasses® DNA was laid in 2009, ever since our design philosophy has been “look good while doing good”. monkeyglasses® have a Nordic look, and our glasses are designed for the conscious consumers, and provides a sustainable choice for the large group of people in need of glasses and sunglasses. The monkeyglasses® team are very focused on zero waste, and most of all waste material from making the frames for the glasses, are given new life by being transformed into accessories. For some of the frames we use a SUPER SLIM material, that is only 4 mm thick and very light. This makes the glasses very comfortable for the wearer.

In 2016, monkeyglasses® was recognized with the silver A’ Design Award, one of the world’s largest and most influential design awards, presented each
year in Italy.


MonkeyGlasses Materials
Most monkeyglasses® are made from biodegradable raw materials like cotton acetate, which consists of more than 95% cotton flowers and wood pulp. The characteristic spectacle cases have also been manufactured specially for monkeyglasses® from recycled paper. Read more...


MonkeyGlasses Production

Only 266 g of C02 is created by the activities in the process of making a pair of monkeyglasses®, and all monkeyglasses® suppliers comply with the guidelines in the UN’s Global Compact on corporate social responsibility. Read more...


MonkeyGlasses Consumersny

We believe that sustainability should be for anyone, no matter budget, age or size. monkeyglasses® provides a sustainable choice for the conscious consumer, that is fashionable as well as affordable. Our glasses for children help teaching the younger generations how to be sustainable. That way, we all have a chance of being a part of the solution, rather than the problem, when it comes to building a better future for our planet and generations to come. Read more...


MonkeyGlasses Support

Every year, thousands of wild orangutans are victims of the destruction of their rainforest home in Borneo. monkeyglasses® are very passionate about supporting savetheorangutan.org, an organization that works to help many orangutans as possible back into the wild, where they belong. Read more...


MonkeyGlasses Recycleny

Glasses are products that have a long life in general. The prescription needed may change, but that does not mean that the glasses are done doing their job. Less fortunate people all over the world are in need of glasses too. monkeyglasses® help to collect old glasses for the Danish organization Syn For Sagen I Afrika, where old glasses are brought to people in need by volunteer opticians, given new life, and brings great joy. But when the life of a pair of monkeyglasses® do come to an end, the materials used for the frames are biodegradable, easy to recycle. Read more...