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Berlin 26 - Blue Light cut


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Blue light blocking glasses for tablets. The lenses in these frames are special made with Blue Light Digital Protection witout any power or you can choose +0,5 and up to 3.0. Read more about Blue Light

Monkeyglasses® is a sustainable Danish company that produce eyewear, sunglasses and accessories. All products are made by hand, under decent working conditions, making each product unique. Read more about the product below.

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The glasses are made of biodegradable cotton fibers and stainless steel. This material is cotton acetate made so it looks and feels like wood.

The Blue Light filter glass that is in these computer- / reading-glasses will block 85% of the harmful blue light emitted by your computer screen and smartphone. This blue light has a very high frequency and is therefore very hard on the eyes.

Read more about the blue screen light

Additional Information

Material Biodegradable cotton acetate & stainless steel
Size M
Color Golden metal and turtle
Lens Fashion BlueRayCut with or witout reading power +0,5

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