Buy 1 get 2

In Monkeyglass Flagship stores, there are 2 frames with optical quality frames for 1 pair price. These are affordable, high-quality frames with optical glasses according to your needs.

The offer applies to all frames throughout the store. We have a huge collection, more than 600 handmade quality frames, many models are in 2 or 4 sizes. We have mini Monkeyglasses for the 5-year-olds and up.

We offer a good standard glass with anti-reflection and dirt-repellent quality lightweight glass included in the prices below.


Single power glass + frame

2 frames + lenses incl. building defects, anti-reflex and coating:

Under +/- 2 kr .: 2900

Over +/- 2 kr .: 3400


Multi-power glass + frame

2 Frame + progressive standard lenses, anti-reflective and coating:

Under +/- 2 kr .: 4800

Over +/- 2 kr .: 5400


In our stores, you will be well received and we are proud of the following points:

  • Educated accommodating optimizes
  • Transparent fixed-price on frame + glass
  • 2 pairs of glasses with glasses in your strength for 1 pair price
  • Sustainable materials in frames and cases etc.
  • Danish design
  • Divide your payment by 12-24 months without interest and fees
  • 3-month satisfaction guarantee for the glass strength
  • Quality vision test
  • Specializing in glass with prisms
  • Zeiss ambassadors and Zeiss certified opticians

Monkeyglasses stands for care and consideration - for each other and the world we are a part of.