Recycled Black

All of our black styles are made from 100 % recycled cotton acetate. This black acetate is completely obtained from waste material from production. The idea for this black material comes from our zero waste policy, where we constantly work to reduce our waste, as much as possible.

Our black cotton acetate frames are made from our colored leftover materials - hardly without any dye - we turn the new material into a rich mixture of opaque black. instead of sending our cut-outs to a landfill, the re-melted scraps from our leftovers are turned into new glossy black frames. 

For our metal parts, we use stainless steel since it is 100 % recyclable. This means no nickel, the possibility to recycle, and longer-lasting frames. Furthermore, any stainless steel object has an approximate recycled content of 60 %.

Some of the new black styles are available as sunglasses or with a sun clip-on
as well.

- You can go black, and still be green, an optician near you is ready to help you find the perfect pair!


"Look good while doing good"