More about our Blue Light lenses

The brain uses the naturally occurring blue light from the sun to keep awake and stay aware during the day and has a key role in your ability to remember.


How can I tell if I am being overexposed to Blue Light?

The most common side effect of long-time exposure to Blue Light is called Digital Eyestrain, which includes symptoms such as dry and itchy eyes and having trouble with focusing.
Blue light is not only emitted from the sun but from digital screens such as your phone, tablet, and laptop. Spending long hours in front of these screens can be harmful to you:
Our brains and eyes are not able to deal with the blue light coming in from the short distance we hold our phones or computers.


Why should I be concerned about Blue Light?

The artificial blue light from electronics does not only make your eyes tired. The light from your devices fools the brain into thinking it is still day; long after the sun has set. The blue light can affect our ability to sleep and regenerate during sleep, which is bound to affect both our immediate wellbeing and our health in general.


Who can use Blue Light blocking glasses?

Recent studies show that people on average spend a minimum of 5 hours a day in front of digital devices emitting blue light. This adds up to more than a full 24-hour day in front of blue light emitters every week. Anyone who spends time looking at digital screens can benefit from protecting their eyes, especially closer to their bedtime. If you also need reading glasses, you can choose our Blue Light Cut glasses with reading power, from +0.5 to +3.0
The lenses in our reading glasses meet the requirements of the standard ISO 16034.


How do Blue Light lenses work?

The lenses in Monkeyglasses Blue Light blocking glasses cut off 85% of the blue light before it enters your eye. To get technical, the special filters prevent the harmful light in the 400~420nm region from entering the eye. For most filters, you might notice a very slight yellow tone in the lens, which has the same effect as a sun lens that protects your eyes from the harmful UV light from the sun - just as a sunblock protects your skin.


How will using Blue Light glasses feel?

Wearing the lenses helps de-stress both the eyes and brain during the day. Blue Light glasses are clear, but some will notice a small dim of the brightness of blue tones on screens. Additionally, the lenses add a bit more contrast to what you see, helping you to better focus on objects or text.

Ready to give your eyes a break?


Monkeyglasses reading and tablet glasses are made with anti-reflective, lightweight lenses with Blue Light Cut at no extra cost. The reading glasses with power are centered at 62 mm (PD measurements) and are in conformity with the provision of the directive 93/42/CEE and meet the requirements of the standard ISO 16034.