Collection 2019-1 ELEVATE

We dream about elevating our planet and securing a green and more sustainable future. We are all, consciously or unconsciously elevating and inspiring each other, and the choices each one of us makes have an influence on one another and our planet.


We Are All Role Models

This campaign came to life with the help of a group of people, who in one way or another, has been an inspiration to us and others, and each one of them has their own way of being a green role model in their profession and life.

The message we want to communicate with this campaign is, that we all, no matter who we are and what we do, with engagement, diversity, and a green way of thinking, are able to take part in the creation of a more sustainable future.


Goodbye Plastic!

Changing a habit to a greener alternative is definitely not always easy, and you might have to begin with small steps. For many years, we have been working on cutting away all plastic in our production and transportation, and until now, our poly-bags have been made of recycled plastic.

We are very happy to announce, that from this new collection, ELEVATE 2019-1, all our frames will be transported in packaging made of recycled paper instead.