Collection 2019-2 COURAGE

COURAGE - to be who you are

“Monkeyglasses’ AW19 collection celebrates our 10th anniversary. Looking back, we can’t be more proud of everything we have achieved in the past decade! We believe that everyone can be a role model. Hence, we’ve embraced the courage and tried our best to lead the way with zero-waste policy, recycled paper packaging, biodegradable cotton acetate, recycled steel, early donations to the “Save The Orangutans “and our cooperation with “Syn For Sagen”, just to name a few”  mentions Mai-Britt & Morten Seaton, owners of Monkeyglasses.

The AW19 collection is built on courage. Originating from Latin, the word “courage” denoted the “heart” as “the set of feelings”. Time and generations reshaped and changed the word’s meanings through its journey thought. Courage became a synonym for “bravery”, “heroism” and the ability to do something that frightens one. History worshipped bravery for centuries. The world celebrated heroes for the great things they’ve done, but along the way, it has forgotten and estranged the true definition of courage - genuine honesty and openness, speaking from the heart about one’s fears and feelings. The pure courage at its roots.

“Having the courage to show who you are is scarce and special. At Monkeyglasses, we believe that the real heroes are those who are not afraid to be themselves and we, therefore, dedicate this anniversary collection to all of you who have the inner strength to be who you are and feel proud of your choice. We treasure you, your unspeakable courage, and the difference you can make, for yourself and for the world.”  resumes Mai-Britt & Morten Seaton.