Collection 2021-1 BREAK FREE

The vintage feeling is expressed both in the shapes and in the choice of colors
- crystal clear materials and blends that go from crystal clear to full-color payoff.
We invite brighter times in with gentle shades like honey and vanilla, toning into
bold and brilliant explosions of sea blue, plant green, and intense dahlia red.

Time for colors in your sun lenses

Not only our optical frames have been updated with new colors. In line with our
vintage-inspired collection, we proudly present a new range of sun lenses in colors that inspire you to be boldly you. Warm colors are ready to lift your spirits,
from classy browns, orange, and red tones, to our greatest news: Sun lenses
created with beautiful transitions between two colors, like brown to yellow and brown to blue.


Time to be you

We are strong advocates for making an uncertain time more humane by reminding us all to be a little more playful: Even in a time where we seek the safe and stable - both in life and in eyewear designs – we can still achieve a balance between comfort and glamor by adding lively color. If you ever dreamt of breaking free of your unusual eyewear choices, 2021 is your year to do exactly
what excites you.

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