Denmark's first sustainable optician shop is open

Denmark is in the absolute elite when it comes to sustainability, but one thing we haven't had until now: A sustainable optician's shop. Now the Monkeyglasses Flagship Store has opened in Copenhagen, complete with sustainable frames, eco-friendly contact lenses, and cozy recycled furniture

We opened our doors on October 11th, 2019, and have been lovingly welcomed by old glasses friends and new neighbors.

The opening party was an appropriate bash: a green runner, organic bubbles, and eco-friendly balloons - and we really feel at home in the new premises.

The decor is a warm tribute to the golden age of Danish furniture design, with shelves in rich, dark wood and a high level of craftsmanship. All interiors are either unique recycled finds or hand-built by The Monkeyglasses team from recycled materials, such as the rusty metal sheets lining the counter and the former double door to the backyard - it has been now promoted to office doors, where it has been left with the patina from years of Danish weather.

Our skilled optician has created an eye examination room with the best technical equipment, where she finds the perfect eyewear solution for our visitors. Our many frame designs are now complemented by our new contact lenses that are cast directly into the blister pack and are exceptionally pleasant to the eye.

We hope the store will inspire many more sustainable choices - we are ready to continue the good fight, under our tagline:
Look good while doing good