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Sustainable Monkeyglasses with Blue Light Cut

We spend an average of 7 hours per day looking at a screen. Those screens are emitting a very harmful blue light, that will possibly harm our eyes on a longer term. Lucikly, we have a solution for that!

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ELEVATE 2019-1

This campaign came to life with the help from a group of people, who in one way or another...

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Goodbye Plastic!

To change a habit to a greener alternative is definitely not always easy, and you might have to begin with ...

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Børsen Gazelle 2018

We are very proud to have been awarded the title Børsen Gazelle2018. Dagbladet Børsen is the leading business newspaper in Denmark. Each year, Dagbladet Børsen announces a number of companies....

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Gratitude Collection 2018

Gratitude - For all the things around us.

This collection arises from sincere gratitude for all the things we love around us......

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Syn For Sagen

As you might already know, we collect old glasses, and make sure, that they get a new life...

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Meet Monkey'dealer Tina Løvdal, owner of Skibhus Optik

Skibhus Optik is Monkey’dealer of the month. This means, that the customers will find a large selection of monkeyglasses® frames in the store....

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The 17 SDG's are a big motivation, and works as great guidelines to us, when we plan, design and produce our products. Having these goals to achieve, makes us do our best at everything we do, and they help us push ourselves, as well as our partners, to keep inventing more sustainable solutions.

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TRUST 2018-1 - New Sustainable Collection From MonkeyGlasses

TRUST 2018-1

All it takes, is a little trust.

Trust that your actions does matter. Trust that when you choose to buy sustainable products, it isn’t just a drop of water in the ocean, but that your choices makes a difference. Trust that together, we are able to change the way we consume. Trust that together we can make sure, that the planet we leave for our children is in good shape.

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New 100 % Recycled Black Material

We love zero waste! Which is why we have added a series of black styles to our collection, which are made from 100 % recycled cotton acetate.This black acetate is completely obtained from waste material from the production.
“Look good while doing good”

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