mini Monkeyglasses

Grand opening of the mini Monkeyglasses store

Summer 2021 Monkeyglasses opened the first eyewear store with sustainable glasses for children in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The shop is in playful bright yellow and blue colors, where the eyewear is neatly lined up on shelves hanging lower than in the usual store.

It is obvious that this is a place for kids only, where you can find toy monkeys in every corner as a symbol for both the silly, child-friendly version of Monkeyglasses and their focus on doing better for the planet and being sustainable – a cause Monkeyglasses is always working on improving.


Here you find the store:

mini Monkeyglasses Flagship store

Fælledvej 18 , 2200 Købenahvn N


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Monkeyglasses has made a small universe with glasses just for kids

All frames are produced in BIO acetate and recycled stainless steel in a zero-waste production. The frames are handmade under good and safe conditions and come in a gorgeous hardcover case made of recycled paper, keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum.

Every frame in the collection is a chic mini version of Monkeyglasses’ popular adult glasses and comes in multiple color versions – also as sunglasses. The glasses are available to children in the age of 5 and above. Monkeyglasses continuously make new styles.

The prices are of cause fair and kids friendly. Whether it is a pair of biodegradable or stainless-steel glasses the children will be a first mover in sustainability and style.