Monkeyglasses supports Save the Orangutan

Thousands of wild orangutans are lost every year – they are victims of the destruction of their rainforest home. This could mean the extinction of one of the world’s four species of great apes – one of our most intelligent and peaceful relatives.

Save the Orangutan works to save the endangered orangutan and its rainforest habitat. The project supports the rescue and translocation of wild orangutans whose forest habitat has been destroyed and the rehabilitation of orphaned orangutans who — without help — would die or be sold into the illegal pet trade. Monkeyglasses sponsors the rehabilitation work, and Mai-Britt Seaton, the designer behind Monkeyglasses, have adopted Cinta the orangutan.

The goal is that as many orangutans as possible can be released back into the wild, where they belong. The Danish organization Save The Orangutan at Borneo was featured in the BBC television series Orangutan Diary, Saving Planet Earth, and Animal Planet's documentary series Orangutan Island.

You can become a regular donor too, and be a part of the largest primate rescue operation in the world today. Read more here.