New collection 'After Silence'

We are moving towards the end of another unpredictable year, in which the world has begun to open up again after the silence of the pandemic.

We have all been affected, we have adapted and evolved by that ad there are now different views on fashion and needs.

Our new collection, After Silence, is divided into two genres, each with its own color moods. The rainbow, individualistic diversity is ready to be celebrated also those who need to maintain purity and tranquility, a form of expression that you will find in light and natural colors.

Which genre do you prefer?


The clean, light, and natural

After a turbulent and challenging time, the Nordic genre is good at expressing calm and simplicity with its light and natural colors. The designs are simple and comfortable, with a twist of humor and edge. The colors are golden, transparent, light, or all white.

A long-lasting design is a durable and sustainable choice!


Optimism and colorful vibrations

This part of the collection is a rainbow of colors that exudes hope and optimism.

We are in a period where the creative and energetic can finally free rein in the public space and the expression comes from the colorful materials and oversize designs. In this genre, there are no limits to compositions. Old items are given new life and the homemade is respected. In a rainbow of hope and optimism, the colorful part of this collection was composed. It's time to be creative, energetic, and happy which is where the colors reflect that. Old objects are given new life and the homemade provides with respect. Are you ready to play with and explore the possibilities of this exciting new line? Retro and recycling are sustainable in every way.

Are you ready to play, and explore the possibilities of this exciting genre?