Optic For Good

Monkeyglasses has been awarded the greenest title in frame production: Optic for Good

OPTIC FOR GOOD is established by French optician and eco-activist Carole Riehl.

Her career in French optometry has given her a deep insight into the market for glasses and the vast differences between the social and environmental responsibilities frame brands exhibit.

She experienced firsthand how difficult it was to communicate to the mainstream glasses wearer that they could make an impact with their choice of frames. Glasses shopping is tainted by the aspect of necessity, and consumers have not felt empowered to make bigger choices than to choose between a high-end design brand or a private label counterpart.

Equipped with a great passion for making a difference and a deep love for a well-made pair of glasses, Carole created the concept of ‘Optic for good’. The label is independent of any financial interests, and the approval is only given to brands that meet an ambitious set of criteria. 

Points are given based on the company’s commitment to being kind and fair throughout the supply chain, employing quality craftsmanship, using sustainable materials, and ensuring a responsible life cycle for the products. We are naturally honored to be among the first picks for this award and will do everything in our power to continuously live up to the name.

We are excited to know that the award will allow the end-consumer to navigate the market and make an informed choice when looking for a pair of glasses that will make them look good while doing good. 

Read more about the initiative and the criteria on the link.