We support 'Syn for Sagen'

Monkeyglasses collaborates with the Danish association Syn For Sagen.

As you might already know, we collect old glasses, and make sure, that they get a new life, and brings great joy to less fortunate people, who really need them. We are very happy to tell, that we just started working with the Danish association Syn For Sagen.

Syn for Sagen receives and collects old glasses. After the glasses have been measured and an eyesight test has been done by an authorized optician, the glasses are handed out to people living in poverty for free. The organization is non-political and non-religious, and it is run by volunteers. The trips are organized in corporation with local organizations in the countries they go to. The opticians and the spouses that travel with Syn For Sagen get experiences for life, and the organization makes sure, that there are days off and cultural experiences scheduled as well.


250 eye tests a day

When the organization is traveling, they are doing 250 eyesight tests a day, and since 2012, they have handed out more than 10.000 pairs of glasses in Africa and South America. The organization works with people living in the countryside, where many people are suffering from poor eyesight due to multiple infections, diabetes, cataracts, and bad hygiene.



Like a needle in a haystack

Mid-March 2018, we sat down with Tonny Dupont and Lene Lindedam, two of the initiators behind the organization to hear about their work. Their passion for this project was remarkable, and it came clear to us pretty fast, that they won’t be running out of good stories to tell any time soon.

One of the stories they told us, was about a pair of glasses they got with the prescription – 4 and – 9. They thought, that it would be impossible to find someone who would fit this pair of glasses, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack they thought, but they took it with them anyway. As incredibly as it might seem, they found a man, that needed exactly that prescription, but on the opposite eyes. Luckily, one of the good, volunteer opticians they had with them on the journey, could switch around the glasses, so that this man could have good eyesight.

We encourage you to take really good care of your glasses, they might change a life someday!

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