Carbon Footprint

Since the industrial era began around 1750, human activities have amplified the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, altering the entire climate system.


Carbon Footprint pr. 1 piece of glasses & case

As individual companies and consumers, we insist that it is our responsibility to minimize the footprint we each leave behind. 

Numbers are what help hold us accountable, so at Monkeyglasses we know that to produce one of our handmade frames, approximately 266 g. of CO2 is released – that’s the same emission as you let out by consuming a portion pasta.

As little machinery as possible is used in our production, and we continue the effort to innovate our manufacturing process.

Our daily company lifestyle is also guided by energy-reducing actions, from biking to work, eating locally produced food, and recycling all our waste, to using upcycled interior in our headquarters