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Monkeyglasses Conscius consumers. 

It’s actually quite simple. Our name monkeyglasses® arose from a wordplay on the Danish word “brilleabe” – that translated into English it becomes "monkeyglasses". We also felt that the concept traveling in "monkey class" fits our vision of having an affordable product.

We believe that sustainability should be for anyone, no matter budget, age or size. monkeyglasses® provides a sustainable choice for the conscious consumer.

We love to tell sustainable stories and share our own experiences. Here you have a few tips on how you can be more sustainable in your everyday life.


  • - Reduce your food waste
  • - Reuse things
  • - Share and buy recycled things, e.g. cars and baby items
  • - Switch off the lights when there is no need to have it on
  • - Turn off all electronics that are on standby
  • - Wash your clothes at a lower degree
  • - Avoid using the dryer
  • - Use public transportation, walk or use a bicycle
  • - Buy sustainable products, and choose organic products when it is convenient for you.