Flagship Store

Welcome to a complete Monkeyglasses universe.

We look forward to providing you with an exceptional experience, where every product is sustainable and the pricing is both simple and very fair.



Eye test

Our expert opticians are passionate about getting you the absolute best solution. The perfect pair of glasses or contact lenses begins with a thorough eye test, performed with the best equipment. We will both examine your precise need for glasses and the health of your eye, including the pressure on your optic nerve.

Flagship store


Monkeyglasses Flag ship store
Fælledvej 16
2200 Copenhagen N -DK Denmark


Monday : 10 - 17.30
Tuesday : 10 - 17.30
Wednesday : 10 - 17.30
Thursday : 10 - 17.30
Friday : 10 - 18
Saturday : 10 - 14
Sunday : Closed

Direct phone to Flagship store:
+45 6012 2358


Monkeyglasses Sales APS  ·  Cvr. 34483639
Phone: +45 3311 1322


Mini Monkeyglasses Flagship store in Copenhagen

Eyewear for kids and teens

Monkeyglasses has made a universe with glasses just for kids and teens - both a new collection of affordable high-quality frames and a physical store in Copenhagen. Every single pair of glasses is handmade with sustainable materials, making it much easier for the children to look good while doing good.

Buy 1 get 2 full pairs of glasses

Every frame in the collection is a chic mini version of Monkeyglasses’ popular adult glasses and comes in multiple color versions – also as sunglasses. The glasses are available to children in the age of 1 and above.

Booking try frames in the store

Child friendly envoiment.



Combining ethics and aesthetics

You can choose any of our glasses with a green conscience. At Monkeyglasses, we have produced sustainable glasses for 10 years. We have insisted on a policy of zero waste, biodegradable cotton acetate and recycled stainless steel frames, recycled paper packaging, donations to 'Save The Orangutans' and collaboration with 'Syn For Sagen', who provide second-hand glasses to new owners in developing countries.



We believe that sustainability should be for anyone, no matter your age or size.
Our SMALL ADULT glasses are perfect for teens, as well as adults with a smaller face. The designs are our best selling adults designs.



We know the struggle of finding larger frames. So we created some of our most popular designs in LARGE.


Contact lenses

We offer a very wide range of lenses, and are proud to offer sustainable contact lenses: The lenses are not produced in disposable molds, but directly in the blister pack, saving more than 2/3 of the plastic used when producing conventional contact lenses. The packaging can be returned with your ordinary household plastic recycling.


Simple and fair - Pay 1 get 2


Frame + customized lenses incl. stigma, anti-reflex and coating

Under +/- 2 kr.: 2900,-

Over +/- 2 kr.: 3400,-



Frame + progressive standard-lenses, anti refleks and coating

Under +/- 2 kr.: 4800,-

Over +/- 2 kr.: 5400,-