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    Gratitude 2018-2
For all the things around us. 

This collection arises from sincere gratitude for all the things we love around us. Our designer Mai-britt creates her collections with gratitude in her heart.
As she is designing the new styles, she recalls with appreciation, all the things in life, that we have to be grateful for.
“I have realized, that the saying “what consumes your mind, controls your life”, is very true. I start my day with gratitude
in my heart. A lovely feeling, from which things and thoughts begins to grow. The Gratitude collection is characterized
by its thin lines and dusty colorful expressions. It is inspired by people I am grateful to have met, colors, textures and
smells that calms my mind and makes me happy.” – CEO and Designer Mai-Britt Seaton.

CEO - Designer from MonkeyGlasses









MonkeyGlasses biodegradable fashion eyewear



MonkeyGlasses sustainable eyewear


MonkeyGlasses biodegradable fashion glasses

MonkeyGlasses high quality and fashioneyewear

MonkeyGlasses sustainable fashion eyewear

Rimless eyewear from MonkeyGlasses

MonkeyGlasses high quality fashion eyewear


MonkeyGlasses cottonfiber eyewear



MonkeyGlasses biodegradable mens eyewear in color green and blue



Dusty autumn nordic colors