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MonkeyGlasses Reseller De Oogkas

We LOVE our many re-sellers!
We also love to see how they all do such a great job decorating their stores, and providing great service for their customers. Let’s tell you a little more about one of our Monkey’Dealers, the Dutch optician De Oogkas, that has a beautiful environmental way of thinking and running their store.

Why the name "De Oogkas"
De Oogkas is an optician with a concept build around a beautiful glasshouse and a green thinking philosophy. The name of the store “De Oogkas” literally means eye socket. The two words separated though, OOG – meaning eye and KAS - greenhouse, just makes perfect sense put together for this store. “The Eye-Greenhouse”

Interior that inspires
They have an actual greenhouse in the store, and this is where they do the eye-tests on their customers. The greenhouse has a really cozy atmosphere, with lots of green plants in and around it. The store is located in a monumental building in Hilversum, and the bookcases are original from the old bookstore that used to be there in 1910. The beautiful pink tiles are Portuguese and about 30 years old. They come from another store in the very same building.

Ethical thining
According to the owners of the store Dick Kikstra and Thea Spit.de Bis, De Oogkas only sell brands with a good story, and if possible uses recycled materials. Of any sold glasses, De Oogkas donate glasses to the organization twobillioneyes.org
Read more about this beautiful store on their website http://deoogkas.nl/

And visit Dick, Thea and the greenhouse in their store De Oogkas located:

’s Gravelandseweg 46a
1211 BT Hilversum