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Copenhagen 'Hygge'

MonkeyGlasses® celebrates unique Danish ‘hygge’

’Hygge’ is the joy of making a simple everyday thing into a beautiful and meaningful experience. The new collection from monkeyglasses® is inspired by exactly that. The name is ‘Copenhagen Hygge’.

It is complicated to describe, hard to pronounce but easy to recognize. When the Danes ‘hygger’ they unwind from their everyday life. They drink coffee, light candles, play cards or simply take a bike ride together. Simple things that create small, soft bubbles of peace and companionship in a hectic life.

Care and consideration – for each other and for the world that we are a part of – is the focal point of the new collection ‘Copenhagen Hygge’ from monkeyglasses®, that this time is based on the Danes unique and relaxed lifestyle.

Super Slim Materiale
In this collection we introduce the light, strong and super slim material. It’s only 4 mm thick and it makes a difference. In this material we have made new colorful expressions, wood and horn look.