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Collection 2020-1 REFLECTION

Monkeyglasses is founded on values such as curiosity and decency. “We are constantly inspired by the growing group of conscious consumers who really want to make a difference, who make the effort to act according to their values and who are happy to have a beautiful and easily accessible sustainable choice when wearing glasses. So we're still working on a policy of zero waste, recycled paper packaging, biodegradable cotton acetate, recycled steel, donations to "Save The Orangutans" and our collaboration with Danish volunteer opticians "Syn For sagen” just to name a few." says Mai-britt & Morten Seaton, owners of Monkeyglasses.
A fact that won’t change is that Monkeyglasses takes responsibility for doing things the right way, and one of them is to slow the pace of fashion. Part of our vision for a sustainable brand is to create smaller collections and to give each collection time to thrive. “One principle we wish to emphasize is sticking to a few, well-curated designs in each collection. The world does not need 'more' but 'better'. The creative process can easily flourish without resulting in a wasteful culture. On the contrary, I circle around designs that are both classic and exciting enough to make the wearer equally excited every time she puts on her Monkeyglasses. I am both proud and humbled when our customers come back after 10 years and tell me that one of our designs is still their favorite pair of glasses.” - Mai-britt Seaton, designer of Monkeyglasses
Monkeyglasses Sustainable Eyewear 2020-1 collection
The new designs mark the contrast between the "roaring twenties" of the 20th century and the great challenges of the new decade. “We have approached the need for calm and stability by building a basic collection of our good, classic shapes in Tina and Tino, both quite simple in pure cotton acetate. From here we have added the curiosity, bravery and celebration of the 1920s with new, stronger colors and a very special double frame detail. With their choreography of colored metals, Skye, Tango and Thilde are all we hope and believe for 2020: Ease, playfulness and reflection - combined with recycled quality materials, good craftsmanship and an attitude that insists on looking good while you do good.” - Mai-britt Seaton