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You've Got Power. Use It!

Monkeyglasses Support SaveTheOrangutan

You’ve Got Power. Use It.

The climate changes and the global warming are very concerning. A year ago when the previous collection, ARCTIC, was born, it was with the desire to create focus on the melting ice and to give a shout out to everyone to take good care of our Earth.

However, all around the Earth, the changing climate has had major consequences for both humans, animals and the nature. This year, the global weather phenomenon, El Nino, has ravaged with extra force and intensified the drought several places, including Borneo. This has resulted in a historical high number of forest fires that are devastating for the island’s wildlife – especially for the orangutans – who live in what remains of Borneo’s rainforest.

Borneo’s rainforest is already one of the fastest diminishing rainforests in the world. In a period of 10 years, an area the size of half of England has already been cut down, mainly to make room for palm oil plantations.

Perhaps you’re thinking: What can a small human being like me put up against global climate changes and ruthless harvesting of irreplaceable rainforest? One can easily feel powerless. However, you are not! As a consumer, a fellow human being, a neighbor, a world citizen, you also have the power to create change – both alone and together with others. Maybe we can’t save the whole world, but by acting consciously and responsibly in our daily life, we can make a difference for a part of it. Use your power :).

At monkeyglasses® we support among other things, Save the Orangutan, who fights to preserve and restore the orangutans natural home in the forests of Borneo.

So what can you actually do to help?

There are several amazing opportunities for you to help Borneo's orangutans. You can amongst other things choose to support the orginazation "Save The Orangutan". By supporting this organization, you can help preserve and regrow Borneo's rainforest and thereby helping the orangutans get their home back. You can even choose to adopt one of the orphaned orangutans and help secure its future.

 New baby pants for a new rain forrest

You can also choose to support "Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Australia". "BOS Australia" offers several different ways in which, you can help save the orangutans of Borneo. Amongst these opportunities is the option to donate a wheelburrow to the orangutans. If you are interested in reading more about this organization or even donate to them, you can click on the following link: BOS Australia