All Monkeyglasses are created with care and consideration for our planet, and the people involved in making our glasses. Our suppliers comply with the guidelines of UN’s Global Compact on Corporate Social Responsibility.


Optical Danish design

Sustainable materials for Monkeyglasses eyewear 

Every pair of sustainable, fairly made Monkeyglasses comes with a light, foldable case made of recycled paper. It makes up less space in your bag and weighs less than most hardcases.

Most glasses cases are made of ether leather, plastic, steel or metal, which are materials that are non-recyclable, compared to our cases that are made of recycled paper. We are proud to produce cases that are a part of the life cycle that are reusable, and eco-friendly. 

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Eyewear designed in Scandinavian

You’ve Got Power - Use It!

As a consumer and as a world citizen, you also have the power to create change – both alone and together with others.
Maybe we can’t save the world on our own, but by acting consciously and responsibly in our daily lives, we can certainly make an impact. Use your power.

Monkeyglasses support Save the Orangutan