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monkeyglasses® in the making 

monkeyglasses® is a pioneer in designing sustainable, exclusive glasses and only 266 g of C02 is created by the activities in the process of making a pair of monkeyglasses® Keeping the carbon footprint as low as possible, is important us, as well as the working conditions during the production, since all of our glasses is handmade. Each pair of monkeyglasses® is in the hand more than 200 times, before it is ready for use.
It requires high standards to be a monkeyglasses® supplier, since all manufactors and suppliers have to comply with the UN Global Compact guidelines on corporate social responsibility.

monkeyglasses® has got many certifications, an example is our sustainable leather collection, that has several certifications including Der Blaue Engel and Full Cycle Leather, that means having full control of each production step.

Find more information about our CSR policys. Coming soon.