At Monkeyglasses, we care a lot about the quality of our frames and glasses, we recycle our quality glasses, replace the glass with a reading glass and thus do a great thing of not having spills. Read more.


Sustainable frame materials and readers with Blue Light filter and anti reflection

High quality frames for your readers 

As age creeps in, many of us may find that our vision suddenly is not quite as sharp as it used to be. It is usually due to presbyopia, or presbyopia, which is the medical name. Some also call the condition old man vision. Whatever name you choose to call it, it covers when you start not being able to see clearly at a short distance and thus have difficulty reading letters. The good news is that it is a fairly common condition that one can happily remedy with a pair of good reading glasses. And if you've gotten to the point where you need to have your first pair of reading glasses, why not choose sustainable reading glasses from Monkeyglasses?

Our reading glasses are both environmentally friendly and fashionable, and we are sure that you can easily find a pair of Monkeyglass reading glasses that fit your face, your personality and your needs perfectly. In addition, all our reading glasses are handmade, which makes each pair of glasses unique, and at the same time all Monkeyglass sustainable glasses are made under proper working conditions and with the best reading glasses with BlueLight filter and antireflex.

Reading glasses - Look good while doing good.

Best quality og lenses with BlueLight filter og antireflex

Monkeyglass reading glasses and goggles in one
All our reading glasses are of course with our blue light filter glass, which blocks the harmful blue light that your computer screen and smartphone emit. The blue light has a high frequency that can be harmful to your eyes and to the brain, and it can therefore be beneficial to shield your eyes from it when you spend a lot of time in front of a screen.
With blue light reading glasses, up to 95% of the harmful blue light is blocked, and your eyes therefore seem both fresher and stay healthier longer when you combine your reading glasses with the positive effects of goggles.